To our foreign athletes,

The INBA Korea website is currently having some issues processing foreign athletes registration payments (including additional category payments). As a result we ask that foreign athletes meet with the INBA Korea President, on the 25th of May at the Koreana Hotel, the events designated accommodation, on the second floor lobby at 4pm. Here the registration fee can be paid in cash (USD). We are sorry for any inconvenience this may caused and ask for your understanding.

Athletes must still book and pay for their accommodation, as well as submit the application forms detailed below.

The payment issue stems from a particular type of anti-virus software required in Korea to preform payments, which unfortunately is not commonly installed foreign computers. This has lead to many payments being blocked in order to prevent unsecured transactions

All the athletes must download the entry form and should be informed of the category guide before charge.
These must be done before charge or the charge will be not be progressed.
The credit card payment is only for foreign athletes. Korean athletes have to pay on account guided at the entry form.

All athletes must have their own membership cards to compete INBA events through the year.
The membership card reigistrations are done by ccardredit card payment. All the athletes through the world issues their
membership cards commonly to compete the events of INBA.

Membership registration is only required in international events and this 'Asia Championship' is
an international event so the membership registration is required. The national events
that are planning to be opened don't need the membership registration but this event there
must be registration of all the athletes.

A discounted rate has been arranged for the accommodation of INBA athletes staying at the Koreana Hotel - the events designated accommodation. We ask that you make use of the links provided below to redeem this reduced rate.